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General Questions

How long do I have to finish the course?
You have four months from the date of purchase to complete your course.

Do I have to finish it all at once?
Absolutely not! One of the benefits to taking our courses online is that when you close the lesson, using the X in the top right corner (red circle in the left corner for Mac users),and your progress is saved and when you sign on again you can pick up right where you left off.

What are the technical requirements for taking your courses?
Our courses work on both Mac and Windows systems. All you need is a broadband internet connection and an updated web browser (I.E: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome)

Is my course refundable?
Please see the Refund Policy at the bottom of the home page.

Where can I print off a receipt?
You can access a copy of your receipt by going to airchildcare.com, clicking on My Account along the top, and logging in. Once logged in, click the view button next to the order you are looking to print a receipt for. Once you click view, scroll down to the bottom, and you will see 2 options under purchase receipt. You can either download your receipt to print, or you can choose to have it emailed to you.


Taking Courses

How do I start taking courses?
For New Users and Returning employees and Staff, please click on the Get Started navigation link at the top of the page. Click on the course you want to purchase and add it to your cart. Once you have added all the courses you need click on proceed to checkout. Choose the new customer link then fill in your information and payment info.

For Administrators: Please see the Administrator section of this FAQ

I’ve purchased the courses, but where are they?
You can login to take your courses by using the LMS LOGIN link at the top of the page. You can also go directly to the training site using this link http://airchildcare.aircloudlms.com/.

This site is confusing! Why are there two places to login?
The Air Training website is divided into two main sections the main site is located at www.airchildcare.com. You start at the main site when you are purchasing courses or adding new employees. The training site is where you can take your lessons, print certificates, edit your profile and perform any administrative tasks related to your account. You can click this link to go directly to the training site: http://airchildcare.aircloudlms.com. You can also click on the LMS LOGIN link at the top of the page to reach this site. We recommend you bookmark both links.

How to I start my lesson?
Once you have logged in using the LMS Login you will see all courses you purchased under learning activities. Click on the little green GO button. This will take you to the course outline with a list of lessons, click on the first one to begin.

Why do some of the lessons have a lock next to them?
You can’t view a lesson until you have completed the previous lesson. Once you do, the lesson turns into a GO button.

Can I pause the lesson?
You can’t pause the lesson but you can close it using the X in the top right corner. We recommend you do this if you are going to be away from your computer for more than a few minutes.

It is telling me to click on an X, but I don’t see an X.
When it says to click on the red x, it wants you to close the window that the lesson is running in. This is usually done by clicking on an X located in the top right corner of the lesson window. On a Mac, it may be a red dot located in the top left corner of the lesson window.

I missed something on the last slide how do I go back? 
You can use the navigation buttons on the bottom of the lesson window to go back to previous slides.

Help! The course won’t let me advance to the next lesson, what do I do?’
Please contact support for assistance.

Help! I accidentally closed the entire browser instead of the lesson window! What do I do?
Please contact support for assistance.

When I am trying to take my final exam, there are no words, just bubbles to choose from.
Most likely, you are taking the course on an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Try taking the course on a different web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

I’ve taken my lesson more than once, what should I do?
We do not advise you take lessons more than once. Please contact our help desk immediately for assistance.


Live Sessions

What is a live test-off session?
A test-off session is where you attend a live session to demonstrate the skills you have learned in front of a qualified instructor. This live session is a State Requirement for all First Aid Initial and CPR courses (both initial and refresher)

How long do these sessions last?
Most test-off sessions are no more than 30 minutes in length.

How do I know if you are holding a live session in my area?
We hold dozens of live session throughout the month all over Ohio. Please go to http://airchildcare.aircloudlms.com/catalog/ to view the calendar.

Is there an additional fee for a live session?
No, the cost of the course includes attendance at one of our prescheduled test off sessions.



When do I get my certificate?
Your certificate is available immediately after you pass the final exam.

How do I print my certificate?
Go to airchildcare.com, click on LMS Login and log in, then click My Courses and Certificates along the top. Your certificate will be on the left side. You can view, print or save to PDF file.

How do I get an in-service form?
Since we are an approved health organization through ODJFS, our certification cards are accepted in place of the in-service forms. See ODJFS rule 5101:2-12-10 for more information.


Administrator Accounts

What is an Administrator Account and how do I get one?
Administrator accounts are for company owners. They allow you to add staff members to our website and purchase courses for them. You can also use your administrator account to monitor your employees’ progress on their courses, and print certificates and transcripts. You may create your Administrator account online. If you need help, please contact one of our friendly help desk staff members.


Technical Questions

How do I run a system test?
Go to www.airchildcare.com click on LMS Login and sign in. On your home page there is a link for the system test on the bottom left side of the page. Click on the link then click “Test My Workstation”. If your system passes the test you will get all green checkmarks.

What happens if my system does not pass one of the requirements?
The testing app will give you specific suggestions on what to fix to make sure your system is optimal for running the courses. The most common issues are disabling pop-up blockers and enabling cookies.

How do I update my adobe flash plugin?
Please click on the following link to get your free update for adobe flash: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html

Does this course work on an iPad?
Yes! You will need to download a web browser that supports flash player. An example of this is the Puffin Web Browser. Once you download the Puffin Web Browser, you will be able to run the course on your iPad.

How do I update, change, or view my information or transcripts?
A user can login at any time to review transcripts or certifications.  If changes to the user information are needed, please contact an AIR Client Relationship Specialist though the “Contact Us” tab and they can assist you.



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