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Cultural Competency and Minority Literacy

This course provides an introduction to cultural competency and it’s impact on minority literacy rates. Participants will explore ideas to help improve cultural competency and minority literacy in their classroom by incorporating culturally diverse curriculum and literature. View the Course Description

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Meet Charesha Barrett, M. Ed.

Charesha Barrett is the Founder and CEO of Charp Education Consulting, giving people the autonomy to empower themselves and others. Charesha Barrett has spent the last twenty years as a transformational leader in providing training, curriculum development, and program planning services. She is very passionate about empowering individuals to grow professionally.

Through her experiences, Charesha has become a reflective practitioner that is committed to utilizing the best practices of diversity and inclusion to assist public and private organizations in creating more cohesive work environments. Charesha Barrett has collaborated with AIR Childcare Training Solutions on presenting you a course built to explore ideas that help improve cultural competency and minority literacy in your childcare setting. Incorporate culturally diverse curriculum and literature in your classroom by taking the CULTURAL COMPETENCY AND MINORITY LITERACY Course today! 

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Holidays Around The World

The holiday season is now in full gear with shopping, parties, and family gatherings. With all of this going on, some of us find ourselves on cruise control until our holiday break. During this time, it’s hard to remember that there are also multiple holidays going on as well. Instead of racing towards that last day of school before your holiday break, celebrate all the holidays along the way. By recognizing other cultural traditions of holidays, children can develop an understanding of other people, customs, and ideas. To teach about holidays around the world, educate yourself! Find out the major aspects of the holiday such as why it is celebrated, when did it begin, and what are the economic/social/religious/commercial aspects […]

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