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Play Development and Conflict Resolution

This training outlines why conflict happens with young children and gives strategies for teachers to assist in the child’s development.

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Meet Tisha Luthy, M. Ed

Tisha Luthy is an Early Childhood Education Teacher and Director. She is a director three days a week, and teaches two days a week in an Outdoor Preschool Program. Tisha has over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She started working in child care settings with children aged three to five. Then she went back to school and received a Pre-K-3rd grade Teaching Certificate. In the more recent years, Tisha obtained a Master's Degree in Early Childhood.

Being a teacher, director, and a parent herself, Tisha Luthy understands the importance of establishing positive and productive relationships with families.Family Engagement is all inclusive portion of a child's early childhood education and the extension of education is continued in the home. Eliminating the separation of education and play is also crucial portion of extending a child's learning opportunities.

Tisha is passionate about assisting with the extension of education by creating programs, events, and curriculum that fosters family engagement. AIR Childcare Training Solutions is proud to be a part of this by adding Tisha Luthy as one of our Authors.

In the Know

Learning Through Candy Hearts

This time of year candy conversation hearts  are in abundance. While they may not be everyone’s favorite candy, they can provide many different uses in an early childhood center. From literacy to math, check out these fun ways to incorporate candy conversation hearts into all of your lessons. Test what kind of liquids will dissolve a candy heart in this experiment. Gather enough containers for the amount of liquids you would like to test. Some liquids that you could experiment with could include liquids such as juice, soda, vinegar, soap, and water just to name a few. Fill the containers with the liquids,  and leave one container empty for the control group. Ask the children what they think will happen […]

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