Our Learning Management System

AIR Childcare Training Solutions utilizes a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), that houses our online courses.  AIR’s coursework is built on adult best practices of learning.  It is interactive and skills-based and encourages students to reflect on their own learning methods and professional styles to apply the knowledge gained to their classroom experience. AIR Child Care Trainings has balance of experience and technological innovation to provide a quality experience with proven customer satisfaction.

Our Learning Management System also provides the benefits of:

    • Security within the course to ensure the entire course was viewed and passed.
    • Ability to go back and review content that might have been missed or needs clarified.
    • Ability to interact with the original author for clarification or additional information.
    • Evaluations of course materials to ensure learning took place
    • Immediate certificates and training transcripts available upon course completion
    • Ongoing evaluations of our courses for accuracy and relativity
    • Records are never lost and are kept on our server permanently.