Flourish Knowledge with Flowers

April Showers bring May Flowers.  Discover new ways to flourish knowledge while learning about flowers in your early childhood center!


Parts of a Flower

Begin by learning the different parts of a flower: root, stem, leaves and petals.  Label four different containers with a different aspect of the flower on each one.  Leave an example of each on in each container.  Cut apart the flowers for the children, or have them do it as a part of the activity.  Have them sort accordingly.


Flower Science Experiment

Learn the effects water has on flowers in this experiment.  This experiment calls for white carnations, food colors, clear cups, and water.  Add water to each cup with 10-15 drops of food coloring in each one.  Place one white carnation in each cup.  Wait several hours and notice any changes that have occurred.  Watch over the next several days for any additional changes to the flowers.


Flower Art Project

Create artwork with flowers.  Have children pick flowers from a nearby field, or provide flowers for the children.  Dip the flowers in paint and use them as a stamp or a paint brush.


Plant a Sunflower

Plant your own sunflower by using mammoth sunflower seeds, soil, water, plastic cups, and a scoop.  Scoop soil into each cup, place two sunflower seeds in the soil, and cover them up gently with soil.  Lightly wrap the top of the plants with plastic wrap to keep the soil nice and moist.  Spray with water often, and place near sunlight.  Watch as the sunflowers begin to grow!