Five Senses of Diversity

Some topics can be easier or harder to explain to young children.  With different examples and the help of the five senses, young children can really start to understand diversity.  This lesson is great to use to transition to future Black History Month topics.


First, using a brown egg, a white egg, and your sense of sight, ask the children what the difference is between the two eggs.  Ask what they think will happen when you open them up. Will the brown egg have a brown yolk and will the white egg have a white yolk?  Crack open the eggs to discover that on the inside they are both the same!


Moving on to the sense of touch, open up a couple different colors of play dough.  Ask the children again about the differences between the different colored play dough, and what happens when you touch with the different colors.  Does purple feel different than yellow?  No, because they all feel the same!


Using the sense of sound, have the children listen to  “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” by two different singers.  Ask the children the differences between versions of the same song.  Is the song different because of two different singers or is it still the same song?

Taste and Smell

With the final two senses, taste and smell, have the children look at M&Ms and or different kinds of apples.  Compare apples to apples and M&Ms to M&Ms. Ask the questions again about their differences before smelling and tasting the objects.

While the examples may all seem different on the outside, on the inside they’re all the same!