Create Your Own Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles, or calm down containers, are a great way to relax, feel calm, and even self-regulate on the go or as a brain break.  Both kids and adults will find these to be mesmerizing.  One great thing about sensory bottles is that there is no exact way on how to make them.  Some are a glitter galaxy, while others are perfect for Halloween.  Depending on the upcoming learning themes, you could theme the bottle with relevant objects. Some sensory bottles are like iSpy. Learn how to create your own sensory bottle for your early childhood center, an upcoming road trip, or for yourself!

How to Create a Sensory Bottle

To begin you need to find your container to put your sensory items in.  Sparkling ICE water containers or VOSS bottles work great. Next, assemble the objects to go into your sensory bottle.  Items could include pasta, paperclips, rice, beads, googly eyes, dish soap, oil, sand, glitter, marbles, etc.  From there, fill your container how ever you please. Once you’re done, seal the lid with super glue and let it dry. Then you have your very own calm down container!