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Technology Play Without The Screen Time

Technology is all around us, all the time. Even at the preschool level, there are endless resources and tools available to teach technology. But did you know that there are ways to use technology in your classroom without screen time? Learn how you can recycle old electronics to free play and encourage problem-solving in your childcare center. Recycle old technology by reusing it in the play area of your class. Old flip phones, home phones, or any outdated phone could make for a great toy for playtime. Be sure to remove anything harmful from the phone, such as the batteries, before putting them in your play area. The children will bring these outdated phones back to life as their imagination […]

All About Apples

School is back in session which means that fall will be right around the corner! A great way to tie the two together is with a unit about apples. What makes an apple unit great is that many beginning of school introductory topics can be incorporated into it. Discover great apple activities that will make your students apple-laud. Begin your apple unit by discussing the legend of Johnny Appleseed. Share Johnny’s story of traveling across several states and planting apple trees with your class. Johnny’s story can even be interactive by including these movement cards. These movement cards can also be used as brain break activities throughout the day or unit. After sharing how Johnny Appleseed planted apple seeds everywhere […]

Preparing for the First Day of School

August is here and whether you are ready or not, the start of school is right around the corner. Starting school for anyone can be a very emotional and scary time due to the many uncertainties. Preparing a smooth transition to school for children can lead to a great start to the year. Here are some tips for a smoother transition into the school year for both you and your students. Be positive! Keep your outlook positive because learning can be fun and exciting. Don’t set incredibly high expectations that will cause you and your students to be disappointed when it is not met. Encourage parents to keep their outlooks positive, even if their own school experience was not. Keep […]

Edible Science

Start the school year off by engaging your students in a hands-on science activity. This activity will get students excited about learning, especially when they can see the changes right in front of their eyes. Students of all ages enjoy these activities, but what they’ll love more is when they can eat their results! In this article are examples of edible science experiments that will engage young learners. Create sorbet or ice cream in a bag: Using a small and a large plastic bag (a sandwich size and a gallon size for example), crushed ice, salt, and juice (for sorbet) or half and half, sugar, and vanilla (for ice cream). Fill the smaller bag with the materials for the sorbet […]

Avoid the Summer Slide

Children work hard throughout the school year to establish new learning skills in every subject. If these skills are not utilized and practiced during summer break, children can lose up to 30% of the knowledge that they worked so hard to gain. This concept is referred to as the summer slide. These losses can really add up. By the time a child reaches fifth grade, they may be as far as two-and-a-half years behind, just from not practicing these skills in the summertime. Luckily this result caused by the summer slide can be avoided. Here are some examples of how to encourage learning in your summertime activities. Children can maintain knowledge by participating in activities that give them life skills. Washing […]

Pool Noodle Play

Foam Noodles are a great and inexpensive item to play with in the summertime. Inside the pool, children love to use noodles to do things such as float and play telephone. Did you know that noodles can also be used outside the pool to promote learning concepts? Children can practice patterns, sorting, motor skills and more with two or more different colored noodles. Noodles with the holes in them provide more fun activities than ones without the holes. Start by getting the noodles and cut them into one-inch pieces. Place the noodle pieces into a bin and mix them up. From there, you can prompt the children to do the following activities. Stack: Have the children stack the noodle pieces […]

Too Much Sun is No Fun

Summertime is here and it’s time for picnics, swimming, and playing outside! But summer can also bring long hours exposed to the sun. In the summer, the sun is already more powerful but when the sun is radiated off of sand, water, and even blacktop concrete, its impact can increase. Protect yourself and others this summer against dehydration, heat exhaustion, and sunburn by learning ways to prevent them. Staying hydrated by drinking water is an important part of staying healthy, but even more important when it is hot outside. When it is hot outside, your body begins to sweat to cool you off, but when you’re sweating you’re losing water. Running around during recess, or doing activities outside can lead […]

Preschool Field Day

Field day is a day where students are encouraged to be active outside while participating in numerous events. By incorporating a wide range of activities, students will work together in teams to complete tasks and also cheer each other on. Students will have a great time regardless of scores. Some of the basic field day events are running, bean bag toss, and relay races. Here are a few elements of each one that you can incorporate into your field day experience. Running: Some of the most classic field day events are the 50 (or 25) meter dash and the 3-legged race. Get creative with the 50-meter dash by having students hop on one foot, skip, or gallop. It doesn’t all […]

Nature-Based Preschool

Imagine a preschool with no curriculum, worksheets, word walls, or behavior charts, but instead a preschool where all learning happens organically through play. Whether they’re called Forest Schools, Nature-Based Preschools, or Outdoor Preschool Programs, all focus on the idea of learning as a result of being outside in nature. This outdoor classroom idea has stemmed from European and Scandinavian countries and has lead to over 250 similar programs developing in the United States. Having an outdoor classroom evolves from the real needs of children, offers activities that are personally meaningful to them, and fully embraces developmentally appropriate practices in early care. These Outdoor Preschool Programs have grown across the United States due to the range of benefits that it can […]

Flourish Knowledge with Flowers

April Showers bring May Flowers. Discover new ways to flourish knowledge while learning about flowers in your early childhood center!   Begin by learning the different parts of a flower: root, stem, leaves and petals. Label four different containers with a different aspect of the flower on each one. Leave an example of each on in each container. Cut apart the flowers for the children, or have them do it as a part of the activity. Have them sort accordingly.   Learn the effects water has on flowers in this experiment. This experiment calls for white carnations, food colors, clear cups, and water. Add water to each cup with 10-15 drops of food coloring in each one. Place one white […]