All About Apples

School is back in session which means that fall will be right around the corner!  A great way to tie the two together is with a unit about apples.  What makes an apple unit great is that many beginning of school introductory topics can be incorporated into it.  Discover great apple activities that will make your students apple-laud.

History Lesson with Apples

Begin your apple unit by discussing the legend of Johnny Appleseed.  Share Johnny’s story of traveling across several states and planting apple trees with your class.  Johnny’s story can even be interactive by including these movement cards.  These movement cards can also be used as brain break activities throughout the day or unit.

After sharing how Johnny Appleseed planted apple seeds everywhere he went, discuss with your students about the life cycle of an apple.  Students can grasp this idea by creating an Apple Life Cycle Hat.  Using this printable, construction paper long enough to be made into a crown, scissors, glue, and crayons you can assemble this hat at home or in your center!  Have the students color, and cut out the objects and their corresponding labels.  Assist the students in gluing the objects onto the construction paper with their labels beneath them.  Wrap it around the student’s heads and staple the crown where it can fit snug.

Math Lesson with Apples

Since apples come in three different colors, students can practice sorting, counting, and patterns.  Whether using real apples or printed materials, the opportunities are endless when integrating patterns and sorting into the apple unit.

Science Lesson with Apples

Grow a candy apple right before your eyes.  Using those sorting and color recognition skills, sort a bag of M&Ms by color (or buy a bag of only red or green M&Ms).  This experiment uses red or green M&Ms and a few brown ones.  Place the red or green M&Ms on a plate in an apple shape, and add the brown M&Ms at the top as the stem.  Make sure the red or green ones are close enough where they touch.  Pour enough water into the middle of the apple where all M&Ms are touched by water. Wait and watch as the water breaks down the water-soluble M&Ms causing the color to ooze.

Do apples sink or float?  Test this theory with your class.  Start by gathering hypotheses if the apple will sink or float. Place an apple in a bowl of water and watch what happens!  Apples are less dense than air which will make the apple float.  Will apples float your boat?  Using cut up apples, toothpicks, and sizes of card stock paper ripped in different sized pieces, students can create apple boats.  Depending on the size of the apple piece and the sail, the apple will either sink or float.

How about them apples?