10 Classroom Theme Ideas for the Upcoming School Year

One of the most exciting and important decisions an educator can make at the beginning of the school year is what decor or theme they want their classroom to be! You want a theme that is exciting, creative, and, most importantly, inclusive, and recognizable! We know that it can be stressful to come up with an idea on your own.  Here are 11 of our favorite classroom themes that can be used for any age group of students:


Under the Sea

Take a deep dive into the ocean with an under-the-sea themed classroom by Dawn Oakes on Pinterest! This would be especially great for any science-themed classrooms, and kids are sure to love the bright colors and engaging decor! The decorations are easy to make, and there are lots of pre-made, under-the-sea decorations out there for teachers!

Harry Potter

The website, Bored Teachers, featured Kyle Hubler, a teacher from Oregon, who spent 70 hours transforming his new classroom into a Harry Potter lover’s dream, complete with a sorting hat and all! There are endless classroom supplies out there for Harry Potter lovers! You could even sort your students into houses to encourage them to do their best for points, just like in the movies!


Many kids want to grow up and be a superhero, so why not now? Transform your classroom into a “Superhero Training School” where students can learn through their love of all things superhero and possibly even become better students and friends when encouraged to believe in themselves and others! After all, with great power comes great responsibility! Classroom idea was provided on Pinterest by Just Toy Store.


It is no secret that Disney inspires people of all ages, but especially the young ones. Create a captivating environment from Simply Kinder website that will surely spark creativity and imagination from your students! The possibilities are endless! You could create a princess theme like this teacher did, a mickey mouse classroom for the preschoolers, or a Monsters Inc. or Lilo and Stitch theme!


Kids tend to learn better in environments that stimulate their imagination. What better to do this than a classroom campout? We love this campout-themed classroom with picnic tables, paper trees, and a homemade RV provided by We Are Teachers. You could even create a fake bonfire for playtime!


Excite the monkeys in your classroom with a jungle theme shared by The Creative Chalkboard! You could use stuffed animals, fake plants, pretend vines hanging from the ceiling, and paper decorations to make them feel as if they are in an exotic rainforest or a jungle full of plants and animals!

Disclaimer: No monkeys can swing on these vines, they are not real!

Movie Theatre

Enjoy a night at the movies! Or perhaps a day at the movies… This movie theatre classroom, provided by Jodi Durgin, would be great for older students! We love the red and yellow colors and the fake popcorn containers. You could even encourage students to do good deeds or do their best on their work by putting their names on stars that you hang on the bulletin board or perhaps at the end of the year, hand out little trophies for the movie stars!

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss has been at the heart of children and parents since he published And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street in 1937. You could choose one particular Dr. Seuss book such as The Cat in the Hat for your classroom theme, or mix up your student’s favorite Dr. Seuss books for a magical world full of “Truffula Trees” and ”Brown Bar-ba-loots.” This classroom idea was posted on Pinterest by Teach by Ceci.


What is more fun than a circus classroom? This idea is shared by Whooo’s Reading. Bright colors, pretend tents, and even paper or stuffed elephants and tigers around the classroom could create this engaging environment. You could even have popcorn as a snack one day or find party favors and supplies that are circus themed at your nearest party store!


Take a relaxing vacation with this beach-themed classroom by Jodi Durgin. Although you cannot actually feel the sun on your skin or sand between your toes, you can certainly create a visually exciting experience! We love the paper palm trees that were created for this classroom and how fun are the beach chairs for playtime? Seashells, beach toys, and netting could also be added to make this classroom even better. If you are looking for a sensory activity, bring in some kinetic sand!

If you decide to try one of these themes for your classroom, be sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook!