Meet Us In Sandusky


The AIR team will once again be attending the OAEYC conference this month in Sandusky.

If you are an administrator stop by our booth (Booth 322) and see how we can make your life easier with our administrator program.

  • Have your staffs’ certification at your fingertips…
  • Access reports that show everything you want to know about your staffs course work…
  • Access to everything training related in one convenient place…
  • The best part? With a click of a button, you save time and money by using your Administrator account to its fullest potential!


airboothIf you plan on being in Sandusky, stop by and we will show you how the program works, no strings attached. We will give you a live demonstration of this extremely helpful tool.  If you like what you see, we can even enroll you right there.  Come by and check out all the great things this type of account can offer a busy Administrator like yourself.

Visit Us At Booth 322



Not Planning On Being In Sandusky?

That’s fine!  You can still sign up for your AIR Training Solutions Administrator account.  You can have access to everything training related for your staff in one place.

Click Here To Learn More & Sign Up