Learning Through Candy Hearts

This time of year candy conversation hearts  are in abundance.  While they may not be everyone’s favorite candy, they can provide many different uses in an early childhood center.  From literacy to math, check out these fun ways to incorporate candy conversation hearts into all of your lessons.

Candy Heart Science Experiment

Test what kind of liquids will dissolve a candy heart in this experiment.  Gather enough containers for the amount of liquids you would like to test.  Some liquids that you could experiment with could include liquids such as juice, soda, vinegar, soap, and water just to name a few.  Fill the containers with the liquids, and leave one container empty for the control group.  Ask the children what they think will happen to the hearts in each of the different liquids, and write it down.  Add the same amount of candy hearts to each container and watch for any immediate reactions.  Check back in a couple hours or a couple days later to see which liquids were able to dissolve the candy hearts!

Candy Heart Picture Frame

Using four craft sticks (per child), mod podge, a picture, and some candy hearts, you can create a candy heart picture frame.  Connect the four craft sticks at the corners creating a square frame. Mod podge on the candy hearts in any particular order or pattern, and let dry.  Attach the image and a magnet if desired.

Candy Heart Math Activity

Count and sort candy hearts with these free printables.  First, color the sorting page by the color written on each heart.  Next, grab your candy hearts and sort them by color, placing them into the corresponding colored heart on the page.  After this is done, move onto the graphing page and begin to color the hearts at the bottom.  Work color by color placing them onto the graphing page to display how much of each color you have.  Finally, depending on their age, have the children complete the final page of the activity.

Candy Heart Sensory Bin

Create a candy heart sensory bin to build fine motor skills, color recognition, and one to one correspondence.  Gather 10-15 candy hearts and create a corresponding worksheet with how many hearts of each color to look for in the container.  Fill a container with plain dried rice, and mix in the candy hearts.  Have the children search through the container using kid friendly tweezers to pull out the candy hearts.  Have them place each heart they find on the corresponding colored heart on the worksheet.

Candy Heart Sentences

Read, recognize, and create sentences using candy hearts.  using a food safe marker, create your own messages on the backs of candy hearts.  Messages could be letters or sight words depending on your child’s age.  Have them arrange the letters to create words such as their name or arrange the words to create short sentences.