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Rainbow Fish Craft

Use this craft to teach your kids about generosity.  They can share colors and and strips of paper to show they are generous. Materials: Template of the fish (or you can draw your own). 1/2 inch or so bits of various colored tissue paper or construction paper (we used tissue paper in the photo above). Small amount of tinfoil. Thin strips of various colored tissue paper or construction paper. One big blue piece of tissue or construction paper OR a blue marker or crayon. Glue. Scissors. Instructions: Print rainbow fish template (or draw the outline of a fish on a piece of paper). Color the head in blue, or glue on a piece of tissue or construction paper. It doesn’t […]

Honest- to-Goodness Petals

Sunflower template courtesy of: Help kids learn that “Honesty is the Best Policy” by creating Honest -to -Goodness Petals. What You Will Need: Craft sticks Glue Cardboard cereal box Scissors Pencil Paint Paint brushes Instructions: To begin, trace and cut a small circle from cereal box. Cut several wooden craft sticks in half. Using the glue, arrange the craft sticks around the cardboard circle and affix in place with glue. Continue until the sticks have made one complete circle around the cardboard circle. Repeat with an additional circle of craft sticks so you end up with the sunflower shape as shown above. Glue one full stick on for the stem. Have your child paint the flowers using paint colors […]

Rainbow Rice Feelings Jar

A two for the price of one craft with a flair for anger management Rainbow Rice Activity What You Need: 1 packet Kool Aid drink mix (Variety of flavors to achieve multiple colors of rice) 1 pound White Rice 2 tablespoons Hot Water Zip Lock Quart Storage Bags Wax Paper Instructions: Place 1 cup of rice in a zip lock storage bag. Use 2 tablespoons of hot water to liquefy the Kool Aid powder. Pour the soupy Kool Aid mixture into zip lock bag containing the cup of rice. Shake, squeeze and squish the rice and Kool Aid until well mixed. Pour rice onto wax paper and spread out to dry. Store in an air tight container. (Empty liquid coffee […]