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Air Child Care Training Solutions provides online training programs to companies and working professionals nationwide. We want to provide you, the subject matter expert, a chance to earn ongoing royalties and referral commissions. All you have to do is submit your course for content approval.  If we choose to publish your work, you’ll earn a royalty each time your course is purchased and a commission for courses purchased on our site through your referral link.

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My name is Laurie Gombash, and I created the ABC’s of Movement. I have been training educators for 3 years now, but there were still so many areas where I couldn’t physically make it to, to do my trainings. That’s where AIR comes in! AIR guided me through turning my current trainings into online trainings to offer to educators. The process was simple and rewarding. Now educators have access to my trainings without having to leave the comfort of their home!” – AIR Content Provider